At last, once again the most awaited moment of DLSU happened a while ago at the MOA Arena when Green Archers beat FEU at the Senior Basketball Play Off, the game that will determine who will get the last spot on the FINAL 4. It has been almost 2 seasons now, if I’m not mistaken, that DLSU was not able to get in the FINAL 4 but luckily this year they achieved it.

At the start of the game, FEU was the one leading up until the 3rd quarter, i guess. Indeed, it was a close fight. Both teams gave their best to get the final spot and with DLSU’s determined players they were able to up lift their scores, strengthen their defences as well as play the real plan set by Coach Gee that made them win the game. Personally, I really admire N. Torres because he stood out when everything that was happening was in favor for their opponent. I saw that he didn’t lose hope. He still did his best to get the ball and to shoot it for a lot of times. LA Revilla, T. Torres and Jeron Teng also played well, you can see their team work aiming to win the game no matter what. During the last minutes of the game, i felt that intense feeling of me wanting us to win. It was as if i am the one playing the game. I am at the court side supposedly taking pictures but i can’t help myself not to cheer for my school. I am almost crying wishing and praying for us to finally beat this last opponent for us to be included at the FINAL 4. Indeed, TRUST & HEART in everything we do is needed for us to succeed even though at the start everything seems impossible. Again, Congratulations Green Archers! I am super proud to be a Lasallian! Wish you all the best specially this Saturday’s game against Ateneo!


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