DLSU vs. Ateneo Finals

Yesterday September 29, 2012, DLSU Green Archers once again faced their greatest contender, the Ateneo Blue Eagles in the final four game of UAAP Season 75. Araneta was filled with people wearing either BLUE or GREEN. If i’m not mistaken, there were almost 20 thousand people present last night cheering for their teams. And I can say that it was a great fight. You can’t tell who will win because the scores are too close. DLSU was on the lead for almost 10 points but Ateneo was able to uplift their scores in the last minute of the game. Kiefer Ravena was awesome yesterday. For me he was the one who led the Blue team. Although we didn’t win, for me it is way too much than I expected this year that’s why I am happy and proud for GREEN ARCHERS. Imagine, we just had a new coach and most of the team members are rookies and yet we were able to finally be back at the Final Four. šŸ™‚

My favorite part of the game yesterday was when Thomas Torres helped one of the Ateneo Player. Although rivalry is present between GREEN and BLUE, sportsmanship still prevails. I love you T. Torres. ADMIRABLE ROOKIE.

UAAP 75 SENIOR BASKETBALL IS ABOUT TO END. Aww, I will surely miss you guys! ā¤ I have been the UAAP Correspondent of PEX for this season’s Senior Basketball (for almost 3months) that’s why i am present in almost all of the games and now that it is about to end, i feel sad because I will miss you guys specifically the players of different Universities that I’ve met in the mediaroom and dugouts, the photographers they I am with every game. Aw I will really miss you all! ā¤ Hopefully see you again next season.


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