Mint Fashion Show

Yesterday, Mint, one of the popular fashion retail company in the metro, had it’s first fashion show on the runway of Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013. They showcased their collection with their main endorsers Gerald Anderson, Xian Lim and Sam Pinto.  A lot of people attended the show to express their support to the 3 specially to the 2 Boys, Gerald and Xian. The show is for those who have invites only and the only way for you to get an invite is you need to buy 1000 worth of items at any Mint Store.


There were also other popular bachelors who walked on the ramp last night, these are Azkal’s – Mark McMahon, GA’s Stylist – Joey Espiritu, PBB Teen’s – Fred Payawan and Ryan Boyce.

Mint’s collection targets mostly teens up to early 20s 🙂 They give out young and fresh outfit for the youth. A one stop store for a typical get up for a barkada bonding and gimmick.  What I love in their clothing line are the jackets, they are nice and affordable specially the leather ones. 🙂 I also love the dresses of Pepsi Herrera, they are pretty 😀  Although the songs used during the show was a bit weird for me probably because they used local songs which is unusual.  Overall, I can say that Mint’s first PHFW show was indeed successful. I’m looking forward to see Mint again on the next season of Philippine Fashion Week.


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