Lee Min Ho Fan Meet in Manila

Last night,  November 16, 2012, Lee Min Ho had his first ever Fan meet at Araneta Coliseum courtesy of Bench Philippines. Thank you Bench for making this possible.

I am not the one who was shouting and screaming at the background. I was keeping myself from shouting because i don’t want to ruin my video lol :)) btw, sorry if my hands were shaking. The place where i am was too crowded to the point that someone is pushing me or jumping beside me because of excitement.

A lot of people attended the event. Araneta even had a problem controlling the people specially at the claiming of tickets. Around 7 or 8pm, they run out of tickets and even though your invite is Patron or Lowerbox, they will just give you Upper Box. A lot were mad about it and causes a commotion/ stampede. Sadly, that’s what happened to us and i experienced it all. :((

Oh well, the event proceeded as it is and as you can see in the video a lot were crazy in love with Lee Min Ho. He can’t even speak or even finish his sentence because when he speaks, smiles and even bite his lips ~ a lot were shouting and screaming out loud :))

Overall it was a fun event. I just hope that Bench and Araneta properly organized it. Specially they should have controlled the invites that they’ve released so that people will not get disappointed for not getting the indicated ticket at their invites.

Indeed, Lee Min Ho is soo hot and handsome. I would love to have a husband and a son that looks like him. :)) lol

Ideal man for every woman in the world.

I’m looking forward on his next visit here in the Philippines.


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