Why watch ‘It Takes A Man and A Woman’?


Probably a lot of you are wondering why there are long lines in the cinemas starting last Black Saturday… probably a lot of you are thinking why people in the office, mrt, lrt, fast foods…everywhere are talking about Laida Magtalas and Miggy Montegero 3.0 love story. This is because the most awaited movie of the year which is ‘It Takes A Man and A Woman’ is now showing nationwide –  !

‘It Takes A Man and A Woman’ is third installment of the most successful Filipino movie franchise of Star Cinema. For me, this is the best movie among the 3 films starring John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo.

Being the last installment, I will assure you that your 4yrs of wait, 200 pesos and queuing for a long time in front of the cinema entrance are ALL WORTH IT. Wanna know why?

1. First let’s start with the TRAILER – I can say that Star cinema released one of their best trailer and it’s with ITAMAAW. Unlike other trailer, it didn’t fully showed/spoil the flow of the movie but still it successfully created an excitement to the viewers specially to the fans of Laida and Miggy love story.


2. THE CAST – I am extremely happy that even though the 2nd movie was made around 4yrs ago – the cast are still the same from the family of Laida and Miggy up to my favorite, Zoila & Friends, who did a great job to make us laugh all through out the movie! 🙂


Sarah Geronimo as Laida Magtalas – I am super happy to see Sarah in her BRAVER. BOLDER. FEIRCER role. Indeed, her acting skills leveled up in this movie making her to be super mega deserving to be the Box Office Queen. If you watch the movie, you will surely see a more mature Sarah. A Sarah Geronimo who is not just a superb sing and dance performer but also a superb actress! Despite of all the things that happened to her I am amazed to see how strong she is in this movie moreover, I am happy to see her eyes smile once again. Her eyes that radiates positivity and happiness to the audience. I really admire her that’s why I am happy to see her happy – making wagas bungis bungis during the bloopers :)) *watch out for it* Lastly, I commend Sarah for her New York way of speaking ENGLISH… the accent, the way it was delivered – big thumbs up! 😀


John Lloyd Cruz as Miggy Montenegro – As we all know, he is one of the best actors of our generation having around 6 to 7 movies with box office titles with different leading ladies. Once again in ITAMAAW, he portrayed his role as Miggy Montenegro very well. There’s a lot of crying scenes too where we all know JL’s expertise. One thing I observed in the movie was whenever he looks at Laida, i felt something different. LOL Is it just me or what but its really different specially during the most awaited scene at the end when Laida is walking in the…. tooot *watch it* !

Isabelle Daza as Belle – She’s so pretty! :”) even though her part in the movie was quite short, her role is still very important. Although she is the third party here, she’s not the kind of character that you will hate.

Zoila and Friends – for the win! :)) I love them specially JOROSS who throw jokes that will surely make u laugh. I have this aunt who hate watching tagalog movies because for her its ‘baduy’ daw but i was able to convince her to watch since we are with the whole family to celebrate Easter 🙂 She was laughing outloud all throughout the movie because of these three. At the end of the movie, she said she don’t regret watching it and would consider to watch it again.

3. The STORY and THE SCRIPT – The combination of Direk Cathy Garcia Molina and Ms. Carmi Raymundo is the BEST! I super duper love how the movie was made. Every Minute, Every Second of the movie is very important. I remember that I want to go to the toilet at the middle of the movie but I can’t because i dont want to miss something. The words used, the attack of every character and the lessons that the movie want to show to its viewers was clearly delivered in the movie.

I love the twist of the story!

After the 2nd movie and after the news that Miggy and Laida broke up… I am thinking how the story of the 3rd movie will run. I had a hard time predicting how it will go but Ms. Carmi did great – i can imagine how stressful it is to come up with a storyline that will show where the characters pull their feelings and actions. I am amazed that the end product was able to clearly show and justify why the story became the way it is.

You will feel mixed emotions – IYAK, TAWA, KILIG, IYAK, TAWA ulit tapos KILIG :)) NAKAKABALIW. The movie is magical itself, I’ve seen a lot of tweets saying they want to watch it again or they can’t get over the movie, or they become hypher etc. :)) Be PREPARED! :))

4. THE CINEMATOGRAPHY – The quality of the video and the way the scenes were shot is amazing as expected with Star Cinema! 🙂

I already watched it 2 times and as much as i want to share it with you guys, I want you to witness it by urself ❤ I assure you, its all worth it!

Important Parts of the movie 🙂

1. The death of someone very important to one character.
2. The reason of break up.
3. The comeback of the new Laida 2.0
4. The New York Experience
5. The ❤
6. BLOOPERS :)) – Bloopers that showed how close and comfortable the cast are with each other specially JL and SARAH.

Still asking why are there long lines in the cinema? Aside from my answers above, another reason would be that MTRCB gave a ‘RATED G’ to the movie making it available and suited for all ages 🙂 Meaning, this movie doesn’t have scenes that are not appropriate for 18 below :)) Laida and Miggy don’t need to have those scenes to be a block office hit!

Just to share it to you guys, i watched It Takes A Man and A Woman for the 2nd time with my lola, she said before we entered the cinema “Matutulog lang siguro ako sa loob”, i said to her “Tignan natin!” at the end of the movie she was so loud saying “ang ganda, di ako nakatulog, tawa ako ng tawa tapos na iyak din ako” :)) Kaya to all those having doubts – why not try it and lets see! tweet me your reaction to the movie! @itsmejodiiii :))



8 responses to “Why watch ‘It Takes A Man and A Woman’?


  2. very well said. people were sitting on the floor as well, sa sobrang dami ng nanood. heheh…nung Black Saturday ko dn pinanood along with my cousin, Michelle (remember her from tagaytay highlands?) and sis Dianne. Sayang nga at the end, kasi i went to the toilet and when i got back, Chelle told me, “dpat di ka umalis, ang ganda ng bloopers!” IMAGINE. kahit bloopers, bentang benta pa din. heheh. tlgang ’til the last credits.. Would wanna watch it again, this time, with dear hubby. (khit na he’d think its cheesy) haha, still, the wifey wins =D

  3. hey there jodi, it’s me smashingalou..one of your followers in twitter. Not sure if you’re following me back though. 🙂 But just wanna say that I’ve watched it on it’s 3rd day of screening and I’m not overhyping or something but it really is box-office. The cinema I’ve went to is a high end cinema place in Makati and it’s still super puno and haba ng pila kahit na gabi na. And I’m planning to watch it again this weekend! And I’m sorry but I just cannot get over the film yet, I’ve been watching all their interviews and behind the scenes and I don’t know, I don’t wanna read too much but there is just something different with John Lloyd. And I have been an avid, avid fan of the first 2 films, something definitely changed in JL towards SG. But I still know the boundaries of realities, so yeah. This is definitely a must watch film!!!

  4. Hey sis… I love this… Very well said… Welll tama ka naman its worth the wait… Lahat ng manonood babalik at babalik sa sinehan para ulitin… Congrats Sarah and John Llyod, direk cathy, ms carmi, isabel and zoila and friends… A must see movie… it Takes A Man And A Woman….

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